The Bovine Business!

Eid-ul-Adha also know as Qurbani Eid or Bakra Eid is the 2nd largest festival of the Muslim world.
All financially able Muslims are bound to sacrifice an animal in the name of Allah to honour the willingness of the prophet Ibrahim(A) to sacrifice his young first-born son Ismail(A) as an act of submission to Allah’s command and his son’s acceptance to being sacrificed.

Each year hundreds of livestock markets are set up in every nook and corner of the country before the Eid-ul-Adha to sell animals of choice to buyers who are looking for an animal to sacrifice. Sellers in these markets are often from rural backgrounds, selling their beloved pet for money. Often they are emotionally attached to it and want the buyer to be a good person. On the other hand some are just businessman handling livestock, in it just for money, caring less about the emotional facts behind the sacrifice.

The livestock markets are a place where one can find people of all walks of life. While most are there for buying or selling, some are there just for the fun of the spectacle. People, animals, haggling, the rush, the tension and the money.

Last year, I went into a market in my hometown with my camera. Took some shots. Sharing with you people here. Enjoy!
Click on the images for a larger view.


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