Life in the Dhaka Tanneries

Last march I went to the tanneries in Hazaribag, Dhaka with a very special friend of mine TJ along with Javed.
TJ is an English travel photographer based in Costa-Rica. He also has a keen interest in boats. Last year he made a sudden visit to Dhaka and Javed and I were acting as photography buddies and guides at the same time. So, after a few locations here and there it came to us that we should shoot the Tanneries. Not the easiest place to get access and definitely not a nice place at all.

Tanneries in Bangladesh are primitive. They use primitive technology and definitely provide no protection to the workers from hazardous chemicals that are in use there. The pay is low beyond imaginations and child labour is actively in use. That is why the people owning the places are unfriendly and secretive.
Nonetheless, we were able to get in to some places. These are some of the images I shot that day.

You can visit TJ’s website here.

Click on the images to see larger!!


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