Rocknation III

This is again another late post, sorry fellas…

On the 6th of December, 2013 me with a bunch of friends went to Hotel Ruposhi Bangla for a concert titled ‘Rocknation III’. The name should suggest that this is the third concert of its kind. Rocknation is one of the biggest concerts of the year, a fan’s favourite due to its superb lineup of the best bands in the country.
This time, the lineup was, Karnival, Minerva, Mechanix, Arbovirus, Nemesis, Shunno, Cryptic Fate, Warfaze and Aurthohin.
The music, ambiance, audience was great and the show was rocking from the moment the first band Karnival  started to play on stage.  The show its climax when Warfaze went up stage and continued till the show stoppers Aurthohin finished it.
Check out the photos from the day. Enjoy!

Click on the photos for larger version.


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