Mostly Kids

I went out to take pictures after quite a long while today. Partly for the reason, I don’t have a camera now and partly because, I was too lazy to get up from bed in the morning to stroll out for photos. But, when you have people like Iftekhar Amin as friends, who, all by themselves decide to impose a camera on you, you will  feel the need to get out and prove yourself that you are worth their belief in you.

So, there I was, walking in and around Hossaini Dalan this morning. The place will be full of people in the coming week as Ashura is knocking on the door but, is still quite a serene place in the morning. A few people were offering prayers while, kids were playing in the courtyard. I took a few pictures inside and then mostly shot the kids.

And, as usual the ones I missed focus on are the most favourite pictures from today.


Click on the photos for a larger view.


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