Aneek Mustafa Anwar was born in Khulna, Bangladesh in 1989. His first encounter with photography happened when he was in school as his father taught him how to shoot with the range-finder camera he owned. During his college years Aneek got his first digital camera.

He joined the BUET Photographic Society, his university photography club in winter of 2008. Since then photography has grown into passion from hobby for him. He became a very active member for the club and soon earned a post as the office secretary for it.

Aneek mostly shoots candid portraits, concert photos and street photos. He also loves to catch motion in his photos. In a bit different in approach towards street photography he feels more comfortable shooting in the tele-photo range while most photographers tend to shoot wide. His favourite locations for shooting are the alleys of Old Dhaka and the areas surrounding the ‘Dhaka University’.

Aneek’s photos have been exhibited in many exhibitions. Of which the 3 Annual Photography Exhibitions by BUETPS, IIUPE-2010, IIUPE-2011, 60 Shots- Season 1 & 2 and BP Challenge by Bangladeshi Photographers, Bangladesh in Frames 1&2 by Through the Lens are most notable. His photo was also exhibited in the prestigious ‘Somerset House’ in London as a part of the ‘Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition-2010’.

In October 2009, Aneek won the ‘Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk- Dhaka Leg’ as a co-winner. He was awarded ‘1st prize’ in the Action(Black & White) Category in the ‘International Inter University Photography Exhibition-2010’ (IIUPE-2010). The same year he won a commendation in the ‘Dreamer’s Factory Exhibition’. In the beginning of the year 2011, Aneek was nominated as one of the finalists of ‘Sony World Photography Awards- Open Competition 2010’ in the ‘After Dark’ category. In June, 2011 He won the ‘2nd prize’ in the IIUPE-2011.

Aneek has been working as a part-time contributor for the newspaper ‘The Daily Star’ since 2009. His photos have been published in various supplements the paper publishes. He started working as a full-time photographer for a music magazine called the ‘Playlist Magazine’ from September, 2011. Aneek served as  ‘President’ at the ‘BUET Photographic Society’ from December, 2011 to December , 2012 and now works as an adviser to the club.


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  12. nice biography, however it would have been nice if you linked the images with which you participared in exhibitions and specially showcased the images that won awards.


  13. I might give the award winning ones in a future post. The participating photos are a lot in number. So, I guess won’t be posting them separately. But, many of them are in the posts that are already in the blog.
    Thank you for your complement.
    Keep following.


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